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Red Kings Apprenticeship Program

We are pleased to inform you that all members of the firm, including Partners and Associates, have completed the apprenticeship programs in the relevant areas of coursework below.  This achievement is a testament to the firm’s commitment in providing clients with the highest level of expertise and professionalism.

At Red Kings, we created and developed our own modules and educational programs to familiarize employees and partners with company specific procedures.  Our customized course curriculums highlight the overall mentality of the firm by directing focus toward two key areas of concentration – exotic derivatives & speculative trading.  We have taken great care to investigate and research all areas of study preceding to ensure that proper risk management protocols are taken throughout the firm.

Red Kings can deservedly take pride in itself for the company standards and requirements it has endorsed.  We are one of the first groups to move away from using outdated and exhausted information in the development of our company.  Today, we can completely focus and concentrate on enhancing firm efficiency and productivity.

Thank you very much for trusting in our team.  We have high confidence in our abilities to consistently deliver exceptional results and services to all valued partners and clients.

Red Kings Certified Courses v1.3

  • Red Kings Fundamentals

  • Diagrams and Indicators

  • Index Awareness

  • Order Execution

  • Market Surveillance

  • Technical Analysis Program

  • Scanner Development

  • Supervision and Account Trading

  • Advanced Trading Strategies – Bronze

  • Advanced Trading Strategies – Silver

  • Advanced Trading Strategies – Gold

  • Active (Day) Trading – System Integration