Red Kings Capital, Inc

An alternative capital investment group with
unparalleled transparency and market access.

About us

Red Kings Capital, Inc (“Red Kings”) is a privately held partnership of investment professionals, established in 2022 with a distinct mission: to empower individuals in pursuit of financial stability and success.  At Red Kings, we prioritize placing clients first at the forefront of our endeavors, employing a transparent and passionate approach revolving around their goals and aspirations.

Today, we are deeply committed to shedding light on the unfortunate realities that exist within the equity market system.  True returns on capital have always been masked from the individual investor.  With a team that understands this reality, we seek to uncover those truths for you and develop lasting relationships that are built upon trust, honesty, and mutual respect.  Our ultimate goal as a firm, is to help you realize your dreams by consistently delivering exceptional results and services.

The foundation of our success at Red Kings is rooted in a well-defined investment philosophy governed by clear-cut principles.  We have actualized a disciplined and repeatable process that generates risk-adjusted returns on portfolio capital using market-neutral derivatives.  The Red Kings team comprises individuals who are hard-working, persistent, and driven, dedicated to providing unmatched returns even through unplanned market cycles or events.


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Founding Partner

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