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Tyler Knighton





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Professional Bio

Tyler “TK” Knighton is a founding partner and CEO/Chief Investment Officer at Red Kings Capital Management.  With a background as a United States Marine and over 10+ years of experience in management, teaching, and administration, Tyler brings a unique skill set to his role as CEO.  During his time in the Marine Corps, Tyler held a Top-Secret security clearance and served as a financial advisor and accountant for the jet fuel and flight equipment at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego, California.

After leaving the Marines, Tyler earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of Colorado and used his education to bring his vision for Red Kings Capital to life.  As CEO, Tyler is responsible for developing and implementing the vision for the firm, and he remains actively involved in building customer relationships.

With a focus on derivatives and tail-risk hedging in capital markets, Tyler founded Red Kings in late 2022 with the aim of building a dependable team in order to share his knowledge with clients, peers, and associates.  He is fully dedicated to realizing his vision for the future of the firm, and providing exceptional results for his clients.


Personal Thoughts

I have learned over the course of my life that wisdom comes from experience and that experience is gathered over time. 

If I knew what I knew now when I was younger, I would have avoided most mistakes and challenges that I faced along the way.  But, those challenges are what made me into what I am today.

It’s up to each and every one of us to chase our dreams with unwavering passion and determination.  I’ve witnessed firsthand the consequences of lacking financial literacy, and it ended up driving me to seek out all opportunities to take advantage of the equity market system.

Our formative years as children and adolescents have a profound impact on who we become as adults.  I can still vividly recall my childhood fascination with numbers – whether it was playing different forms of poker, examining license plates, or even just memorizing phone numbers.  This fascination eventually led me to excel in mathematics, despite having some setbacks along the way.  But, my love for numbers, and the truth that they actually represent never waned. Numbers never lie, and that’s what makes them so valuable.  They hold us accountable, and they always tell the truth.

Honesty and integrity are the two core values that I hold dearest to my heart.  They drive me in absolutely everything that I do, whether it’s my personal life, or my business dealings.  Being truthful even when it’s uncomfortable, and being transparent in all my actions, is what guides me in life.

This foundation of honesty and integrity, combined with my background and experience, eventually led me to the creation of Red Kings Capital Management.  Our current goal is to establish ourselves as a successful wealth management firm.  The team that we are building will share that vision for the future.  We are dedicated to both client and company success.  To achieve this, we must work hard and earn it – and that’s exactly what we plan to do.